Why You Should Hire a Green Earth–Green Plants Certified Business

The Green Earth-Green Plants Advantage


Your guests, visitors and tenants want a healthy, eco-friendly environment!

Whether you manage an office, a mall, a hotel, or your own business– when it comes to
hiring an indoor plantscaping company, you want to hire a company that is Green
Earth-Green Plants® Certified. Green certified businesses have third-party certification to
prove that they make earth-friendly practices an integral part of their daily operations.

You Care, We Care ~ When you hire a green certified business, it shows that you care
about the environment. Caring for our environment saves money, improves our health
and improves the quality of the air around us.

We Are Greener Than Our Plants!

In March 2010 Atria Inc. became the very first company not only in the state of
Connecticut, but nationwide to achieve Platinum status in the Green Certification
program from Green Earth-Green Plants.

This is not only an exceptional achievement within our industry, it is also an
accomplishment we hope will encourage other businesses to adopt eco-friendly
practices and join Atria Inc. in making Connecticut and our earth a greener place to live
and work.

Assessment for Green Certification

This program was developed by Kathy Fediw, LEED AP, CLP, CLT and is grounded in
solid research results and published industry standards, including some of the LEED
criteria for green buildings. It has been peer reviewed and approved by a committee
of volunteer industry leaders representing their trade associations.

Certified businesses must go through a vigorous assessment and earn assessment
points for every earth-friendly practice in place.

1. Horticultural practices: Includes watering practices, pesticide usage and other practices.

2. Transportation and vehicles: reducing the carbon footprint by using hybrid and alternative
vehicles, routing efficiency, using public transportation, etc.

3. Facilities: indoor and outdoor: energy-efficient lighting and heating; water-saving practices;
reducing indoor VOC’s; establishing a wildlife habitat, etc.

4. Recycling and reuse: reducing landfill waste by recycling glass, plastics, etc., and composting
plant debris.

5. Staff education and training: educating staff members on eco-friendly practices.

6. Social responsibility: giving back to the community and industry

Maintain your commitment to sustainability  – Choose an interiorscape company that is sustainable too!  For more information on Atria, Inc. and our services, please feel free to contact us.